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Hotels around the world got equipped with eZee's hotel software

Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts is a Premier Hotel Development and Management Company with multiple Luxury Resorts and Wildlife Camps in Udaipur and various tourist destinations in India. Using eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation that increased direct bookings, they provide quality accommodations and exceptional customer Service.
Located next to Mombasa Marine National Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and Pirates beach, Lido Beach Resort in Kenya is a beach-front property offering serviced apartments with a panoramic view of the scenic African beach.. The property implemented eZee Reservation that easily blends with their website to give enhanced booking experience to guests.
OceanZ Boutique Hotel offers a fascinating experience of sunny weather and blond beaches of Caribbean waters on Aruba island off the coast of Venezuela. OceanZ Boutique Hotel is now equipped with the eZee Absolute cloud PMS, eZee’s Booking Engine with Channel Manager to supervise their daily operations, bookings and online distribution.
Situated in the stunning Shark’s Bay at in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt; Island View Resort is an all inclusive resort, touching the sparkling warm waters of the Red Sea. Island View Resort installs with an extensive featured online booking engine eZee Reservation to accelerate booking conversions through their hotel website.
Located in a historic building Hotel Victoria is situated in the mysterious literary city of Trieste, Italy; providing an ideal stay for business people and travelers. Hotel Victoria has been using eZee Centrix to manage distribution of all channels with right channels selected and to avail advantage of eZee’s exclusive channel manager.
Set on most beautiful beach in Guatemala, the Driftwood Surfer is a popular dormitory hostel, situated just a stone’s throw away from the coast of El Paredon. The Driftwood Surfer has implemented eZee’s flagship product eZee FrontDesk to offer excellent guest service.
Located in Juba, Sudan; Riviera Business Hotel presents a comprehensive business experience to their guests. eZee FrontDesk hotel PMS and the Restaurant POS eZee BurrP! assist Riviera Business Hotel and Restaurant to optimize and efficiently manage hotel and restaurant operations.
New Brookefields Hotel, located in Sierra Leone, East Africa; is a New Premier hotel refurbished with modern amenities and maximum comfort. They have equipped their property with all in one combination of eZee Frontdesk PMS and eZee BurrP! POS software to avail benefits of improved operations and increased sales.
A pioneer in Philippine Spa Industry Nurture Wellness Village destination spa in Tagaytay City of Philippines accredited Department of Tourism . Nurture Wellness Village has chosen eZee’s complete range of hospitality solutions- eZee’s desktop based hotel software with restaurant management system eZee BurrP!, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix.
The Hotel De Art is Malaysia’s 1st ART themed boutique hotel designed around the versatile art themes of fairy tales, flowers & nature, fantasies, movies, etc. Hotel De Art is now utilizing eZee’s hotel management system unified with the advantage of eZee online distribution system as well as eZee’s enriched booking system

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