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Global Establishments Which Made It Easy
Pleasing guests with plush interiors and cozy environment, Hampshire Plaza Hotel is centrally located amid Hyderabad's hustle-bustle in India. Attracting business executives and foreign tourists, the establishment has recently incorporated eZee Centrix channel manager to automate inventory distribution on connected channels and perform instant inventory and rate updates.
Surrounded by serene greenery, La Ferme du Colvert Resort and Spa nearby Hanoi, offers a unique accommodation at Vietnam, with personalized service to voyagers. Recently, the resort has digitized its daily operations in addition to inventory distribution and reservation management with eZee Ultimate - a suite of integrated hospitality technology.
Captivating travelers with view of golden beach and its clear waters, Gold Beach Hotel Resort & Spa engulfs one with a memorable experience in Mauritius. Catering to all class of global tourists, the resort has adapted eZee FrontDesk PMS integrated with eZee Reservation booking engine blended in its website, eZee BurrP! point-of-sale software and eZee iMenu digital restaurant menu for its in-house restaurant.
An ideal place to explore Fuengirola and its atmosphere, Hostel Euro Holitel appeals to locals and tourists for adventure boat trips, visits to remarkable historical sites, museum and bio-parks in Spain. The establishment lately took up eZee Ultimate, eZee's all-inclusive range of cloud technology to efficiently handle its hotel operations at no upfront investment.
Imperium Residence offers the trippers an Aristocratic flair combined with modern luxuries established in most historic and central squares of Vienna, Austria. Frequented by history buffs, the royal property is optimizing its complex operations by opting for eZee's ideal combination of cloud solutions - eZee Absolute, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix respectively.
Enthralling and entertaining explorers with spa, indoor sports and meditation, Hosteria Selva Negra is encapsulated amongst the green pastures in Chile, appealing vacationist and backpackers. The hospice has subscribed for eZee Ultimate, a comprehensive package of hospitality technology solutions, and pays only for the bookings it gets, thereby gaining a boost in their revenue.
A perfect place to witness world's largest ornithological species; Kivu Resort is located just 100 meters from Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, enticing bird lovers and nature lovers at its abode. The spacious accommodation is comfortably managing housekeeping, banquet and accounting operations with eZee FrontDesk PMS and operates its in-house restaurant with eZee BurrP! software.
A family operated mansion surrounded by the local beauty, Rumors Resort in Belize, allures vacationers seeking tranquil getaway from city's cacophony. The resort is availing programmed services of eZee Reservation booking engine by keeping track of direct bookings along with the built-in rate analyser to smoothly monitor competitor rates in eZee Centrix channel manager.
Rendering the experience of a spectacular marine life on AA.Bodufolhudhoo island, Maldives; Holiday Village Retreat is the most favorable place for snorkelling and savoring the reef adventures. The property imparts excellent stay experience to its guests, leaving the daily operations to be streamlined through eZee Ultimate technology platform.
Nestled in Loango National Park, Gabon, Loango Lodge, attracts global tourists passionate for eco conservation and contribution towards sustainable development. Managed by 'Africa's Eden' tour operators, the lodge is governed with eZee FrontDesk maintaining housekeeping schedules and reservations along with guest engagement services.
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