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Global Restaurants Which Made It Easy
Mesmerizing guests with its surrounding scintillating breeze, Aragorn Hotel is located on the beautiful Corfu beach in Greece. To impart excellent services to the voyagers, the establishment has signed up with eZee Ultimate, a cutting edge hospitality technology platform which includes cloud PMS, booking manager, channel manager, online feedback system and digital restaurant menu.
Nestled on Panama's coast, Casa Azul Boquete is the most sought after hotel for rafting enthusiasts. Delighted to welcome travelers and rafting enthusiasts from all over the globe, the resort has implemented eZee Absolute cloud PMS, eZee Reservation booking engine and eZee Centrix channel manager to seamlessly manage its operations smoothly.
Centrally located in Kuala Lumpur, Le Ruiz Boutique Hotel welcomes professionals, businessmen and families in Malaysia. The hotel has installed eZee FrontDesk to streamline day-to-day activities and remains updated on any changes through regular email notifications synced in the system.
CasAntica Hotel, a charming retreat with an ambiance depicting sixteenth century lifestyle, caters to worldwide guests with awesome experience in Oaxaca city, Mexico. The hotel has recently chosen eZee as its hospitality solution provider to take care of its daily operations efficiently through eZee Ultimate package with no upfront investment in technology.
Nurturing several historic properties in UK, Pennington Hotels & Inns combines contemporary design and traditional values in its infrastructure. eZee's integrated solutions of cloud PMS, booking engine and eZee Centrix channel manager along with eZee BurrP! restaurant point-of-sale software assists the group in administering its chain of hotels from a single dashboard.
Surrounded by the alluring beauty of the coral Grand Turks and Caicos Islands, Osprey Beach Hotel is an amazing hideout for travelers and divers in deep sea. The hotel now effortlessly maintains housekeeping schedules, along with keeping track of resource usage in its in-house restaurant by means of eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP!.
Business travelers or outdoor enthusiasts, all are welcome at Traveler's Lodge situated in Minnesota, United States, in its cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The Lodge has opted for eZee Ultimate plan which is an all inclusive package consisting of eZee's cloud solutions available free-of-cost with no risks or lock-in contracts.
De Wolfsberg Hotel commands a serene view over Wolfsberg village at Groesbeek countryside border of Netherlands and Germany. With ancient interior blended seamlessly with modern facilities, the hotel keeps track of its unlimited and commission-free direct bookings from the website with the help of eZee Reservation booking engine.
With green surroundings near the Campbell river ferry and inviting adventurous souls from around the world, Whiskey Point Resort is a Quadra Island inn in Canada. The resort has adapted eZee desktop PMS integrated with eZee Centrix channel manager overseeing hotel operations and channel bookings with inventory distribution.
Centrally located in Italy, some miles away from the 'Leaning tower of Pisa,' La Grottadell Eremita Farmhouse offers the explorers with a wide range of adventures including horse riding, excursions and trekking on hills. The farmhouse has embraced the advantages of eZee Ultimate, a suite of cost-free cloud solutions and pays only for the confirmed bookings it gets.
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