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Set on Bavaro Beach, Los Corales Village has a beautiful setting surrounded by palm trees and offering views of the Atlantic Ocean. With options ranging from villas, apartments and studios in Dominican Republic, the establishment has recently chosen eZee's range of seamlessly integrated cloud solutions - eZee Absolute, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix for efficient management.
A spectacular architectural masterpiece, Grand Cubana Hotels is an ideal place to unwind yourself from the pains of hectic city life in Abuja, Nigeria. Imparting excellence in it's services, and maintaining high ethical standards of hospitality, the hotel has installed eZee FrontDesk desktop PMS integrated with eZee BurrP! point-of-sale software to take care of it's in-house restaurant with ease.
Unbeatable in it's hospitality since last 11 years, Hotel Manwar poses as the right stay place for vacationing as well as corporate guests. Offering the best of facilities and amenities in Udaipur, India; the hotel has opted for eZee Ultimate plan for productive management to render a remarkable experience to the guests by focusing on improving services.
Holding a modern infrastructure with a welcoming ambience, Mantahost Hotel connects one's senses with the magic of Manabi culture in Ecuador. Commanding a view over the stunning waters of Pacific Ocean, the hospice keeps track of direct bookings with the help of eZee Reservation booking engine fused seamlessly with it's website.
Located in the heart of Freetown, Sierra Leone; The Hub Hotel is paramount in offering a luxurious and stylish accommodation to the visitants. Having a serene ambience and views of the ocean, the hostelry has embraced the advantages of desktop PMS combined with restaurant management software, digital restaurant menu, customer feedback system and hotel mobile app builder.
Amidst the traditional touch of Maremmana and Tuscany, Hotel Rossi gives the explorers a chance to experience the beauty of islands, with mountains and some delightful towns. With enthusiasts from around the world coming to Italy, the hotel has opted for eZee Ultimate allowing it to use eZee's hospitality solution for free with a tiny fractional transaction fee only on confirmed bookings.
A secluded boutique resort encompassed by the tranquil setting of hills, Pa Prai Villas & Suites is designed in Balinese style complemented with regional furnishings in Thailand. The resort supervises the flow of direct bookings from it's website and performs efficient inventory distribution on connected channels with the help of eZee booking engine and eZee Centrix channel manager.
Bhumi Hostels - a place which believes that the gist of traveling lies in the experience of the journey helps the voyagers get the most of the cultural island of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. The establishment now has taken up eZee Ultimate technology platform which requires no capital investment and makes the most of eZee's cutting-edge technology free of cost.
Giving an impeccable panoramic view of the City of Monrovia, the Boulevard Palace Hotel with an elegant architecture is close to Liberia's business and financial areas. The hospice handles everything from laundry, banquet and housekeeping management to it's restaurant's menu management and cultivates noteworthy guest relationships with help of eZee FrontDesk PMS unified with eZee point-of-sale software and digital restaurant menu.
Situated nearby to the local tourist attractions and other landmarks, the Travelogue Guest House is right in the middle of Malaysia's nightlife. They have chosen eZee as their hospitality solution provider and equipped their property with solutions of eZee Ultimate - the hospitality technology product suite introduced by eZee at zero cost.
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