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Global Restaurants Which Made It Easy
Situated besides the vast waters surrounding Maldives, the Thoum delights the tastebuds of voyagers by being the first ones to serve Arabian cuisine in the region. The restaurant keeps a check on it's inventory and stock usage and other resources with the help of eZee BurrP! restaurant management software.
Adept in offering an assorted collection of delicious Indian dishes along with beverages, Indian Jungle promises an intimate and relaxed dining experience to local and foreign patrons visiting. The dining place efficiently manages all the operations and allows it's guests to navigate through an interactive digital menu by implementing eZee BurrP! integrated with eZee iMenu.
An upbeat and chic place - Aidan's Pub is one of a kind waterside hangout with Irish eats and beers in the middle of Rhode Islands District, Italy. Serving a combination of traditional Irish food and spirits, the pub presents it's menu items in an engaging manner and lets it's guests navigate through the menu swiftly by means of eZee eMenu digital restaurant menu.
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Canadian Taste Buds - a dainty restaurant which is versed in serving a variety of Canadian, Indian and Chinese cuisines to it's guests in Beaumont, Canada. The eatery administers it's extensive menu items in addition to table reservations and order management fluently by installing eZee point-of-sale software.
At par with ultimate sophistication in it's hospitality and offerings, Meerab is a cafe, restaurant and bar in Sahiwal, Pakistan. Excelling in all kinds of services and providing an exceptional experience to the guests, the cafe has recently chosen eZee BurrP! software to regulate different mode of operations - dine in, take away or home delivery.
Rockstone's Office, now known as Django Bar is a medley of lounge, pub and club altogether to enjoy in Ghana. The newly refurbished place boasts of a buoyant environment and promises a great time to the visitors. The establishment has adapted to eZee point-of-sale software to administer the complex billing and other transactions.
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An authentic and traditional restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere; Vero Trattoria seeks to offer a genuine glimpse of Italy to the explorers in Cairo, Egypt. The outlet supervises it's menu item prices, inventory usage with the help of eZee BurrP! and allows the guests to order their favorite entrees using eZee iMenu application.
Cafe Voyage - an exquisite bakery that serves a delectable range of homemade goodies, is the answer to all sweet-tooth cravings of localities in India. With scrumptious aromas wafting across to the huge selection of baked treats, from the much famed cold coffees to the hot cups of green tea, the cafe handles it's diversified and wavering menu items by embracing eZee point-of-sale software.

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