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Global establishments which made it easy
Rendering a homey atmosphere to stay in for the voyagers in Singapore, The Mitraa's is a chain of two backpacker hostels - The Mitraa Inn and The Mitraa. With an aim to provide utmost satisfaction and comfort to the lodgers, the establishment has recently signed up for eZee's combination of cloud solutions for efficient management.
An exclusive place with sophisticated ambiance, Hotel La Rose Blanche is an apt place for business as well as leisure travelers in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. The hotel has implemented eZee FrontDesk PMS integrated with eZee BurrP! point-of-sale software to govern it's complex hotel operations and daily restaurant transactions.
A one of it's kind, rural resort in Hodka village, Gujarat, India; Mahefeel E Rann Resort holds a traditional touch in its hospitality and offering amenities. Situated amidst the wilderness of the White Rann in Kutch, the resort has chosen eZee Ultimate technology platform to boost it's revenue and streamline it's operations.
A bunch of service apartments in the cultural city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Desert Rose Apartments are a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The apartments now keep track of sales and stats reports by utilizing eZee Absolute cloud PMS with eZee Reservation booking engine to receive unlimited commission free direct bookings.
Quickly accessible to Cambodia's bustling markets and tourist attractions, Nicest Hotel & Apartments is a carefully decorated place with sentimental perfection.The hospice imparts excellent services by effortlessly administering it's hotel and in-house restaurant by installing eZee desktop PMS coupled with the point-of-sale software.
A quaint country guest house - Quinta do Lagar carries a conventional and charming experience in a quiet zone in Santo da Serra, Portugal. The hostelry has opted for eZee Ultimate; a non-subscription plan and avails eZee's top-notch solutions for free with no upfront investments in technology.
Aiming to ensure an unparalleled level of comfort; Hotel Orange International renders a memorable time for visitants in India. The hotel now supervises it's direct and channel bookings through eZee Reservation and eZee channel manager, and markets it's hotel services and amenities through Appytect hotel mobile app builder.
Cliffside Resort Panglao - a relaxing resort near the enchanting beaches of Panglao island, Philippines is an abode for scuba divers and leisure travelers. The resort takes an advantage of cloud and desktop technologies by going for eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! to govern the daily transactions integrated with eZee Centrix for efficient room distribution on channels.
Commanding beautiful views of mountains in Hebron, Abu Mazen Hotel is a neighbouring place to mosques, churches, and city centres in Israel. A forerunner in hospitality industry since it's inception, the hotel has selected eZee Ultimate and gets eZee's range of cloud solutions and other first-rate services for free.
Surrounded by the landscapes and natural panoramas in Italy, La Pieve Marsina is a medieval village country retreat which maintains the architectural elegance of the scenery. eZee Reservation booking engine blends with the hotel's website and keeps track of direct bookings, whereas eZee Centrix channel manager takes care of the instant rate and inventory updates on channels.
Shwe Ingyinn Hotel is engulfed by the deep elements of Bamar culture besides monasteries and pagodas in Mandalay, Myanmar. The hotel cultivates exemplary guest relationships, oversees it's in-house restaurant's inventory and resource usage, and receives reports on the move by the use of eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP!.
A home to Balinese and Indian food, customs, traditions and more; Bali Monkey House offers a mix of dorm rooms and luxury stay to voyagers in Indonesia. In their endeavor to offer unperturbed and splendid hospitality to their guests, they have embraced the eZee Ultimate plan while taking an opportunity to upsurge their revenue as they pay only for the bookings received.
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