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Global Restaurants Who Made It Easy
Avanti Group Ltd., Kenya is a chain of 6 stylist restaurants and lounges that serves classic cuisines and savory pastries. The restaurant chain has recently signed up for eZee BurrP! restaurant management system to efficiently create, save and manage various menus as needed at all its outlets.
All 3 joints owned by Junkyard, Kuwait pamper its customers with fresh preparations of burgers, fajitas, fries, shakes and much more. Junkyard automates and streamlines its restaurant activity by means of eZee's point-of-sale software to handle table reservations and remains updated on current status of the tables in the restaurant.
A wide range of pizza selections at U Pizzeria, Malaysia make it a fast growing food service specializing in gourmet and authentic tidbits. For competitive management of its daily services, the restaurant benefits from fully digitized POS software functioning by subscribing for eZee BurrP!.
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Located in Singapore, Nalan Restaurant is adept in offering palates of vegetarian cuisine with fresh made-to-order Indian food.The restaurant has transitioned from traditional menu to digital menu with the help of eZee eMenu by presenting its menu in an attractive manner for guests to view it from their favorite devices.
Jazz & Fizz - a chic bar to relish the signature cocktails along with a fine cigar is an ideal place for after-work drinks in Abu Dhabi. It has opted for eZee point-of-sale software to swiftly execute its regular transactions and impart superior catering services to the guests.
A place that appeals to fast-food lovers, Patiala Lassi Bar in India serves exotic quality lassis in plenitude of flavors. Having started with 3 outlets and expanding, the establishment supervises transactions and executes billing operations quickly by implementing eZee BurrP! restaurant management software.
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Inviting visitors to take a break and enjoy fine dining, Baritas Restaurant provides guests with Chinese cuisines accompanied with pizza takeaway joint in Ghana. The restaurant incorporated eZee point-of-sale software to transmit digital orders automatically to kitchen staff and to effectively manage monetary logistics of its employees.
A trendy hangout place in the streets of Dubai, Ya Weely is an Arabic style Italian restaurant which plates Italian delicacies with an assortment of varied juices. By adapting eZee BurrP!, the restaurant aims to automatically track resources and stock, accelerate guest orders and be in line with analytics and sales.
An upscale gourmet burger bar that caters enticing and innovative menus in Oman, Graffiti Burger Bar is known for stellar service, fine quality food, and more. This food joint avails the complete operational benefits of a restaurant management software by choosing eZee POS that has all necessary tools to manage the restaurant dynamically.
Elegantly situated on pristine white sands of Mexico's beachfront, the Cielo Beach Club is known for its fresh seafood, authentic Mexican dishes and superb continental breakfast. The boutique club achieves maximum productivity in sales with high functionality for its restaurant operations by utilizing eZee BurrP!.

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