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Global Restaurants Who Made It Easy
Jumbo Grill in Singapore offers a range of grills from all around the world. The place manages its extensive menu from Turkish kebabs, Japanese yakitori to Chinese skewers accompanied with local delights using eZee BurrP! software with eZee iMenu digital restaurant menu.
An Egyptian style coffee shop located in Maldives, Cafe Layali emanates a very unique and modern Arabian style experience for the visitants. The cafe now gives speedy services and handles daily operations efficiently by installing eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS software.
Mani's Cafe- a home grown concept to follow the zest for coffee and delicious food, shares the love of gourmet cooking with the travelers in Oman. eZee point-of-sale software assists the shop now in improving guest experience by automating the time-consuming tasks at the cafe.
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A medley of restaurant and a cafe, Cafe Arabika serves Greek and Mediterranean cuisine along with handcrafted regional beverages in Kenya. The restaurant administers the table reservations and orders effortlessly by using eZee restaurant management system.
Serving decadent flavors of comfort food in various cities spread over India, Double Roti is a fun place with a touch of trendy ambience. The establishment supervises transactions at all its outlets by means of eZee BurrP! and allows the guests to order their favorite entrees using eZee iMenu application.
Burger Land in Bahrain plates a variety of burgers, sandwiches and Arabian delicacies to indulge the travelers. The restaurant functions effectively by taking delivery, take away and dine-in orders by the means of eZee point-of-sale software.
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An Italian coffee house in the streets of Kuwait, Il Caffe Di Roma is infused with the aroma and genuine flavors of Italian espresso coffee and cream. The house now keeps track of inventory and resources by implementing eZee BurrP! software synced with eZee eMenu to present the menu in customized themes.
The Cinnamon Restaurant & Taglung Bar represent the town's cultural mix and offer the best culinary dishes and cocktails to guests. Both being a part of Hotel Penaga, Malaysia, they now remain updated with analytics and sales through regular reports by choosing eZee BurrP!.
Fusion Lounge is adept in giving a blend of umpteen cuisines - Afghani, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and sea food in Canada. The lounge now governs the inventory and stock, issues loyalty cards to the guests, and updates the kitchen staff with orders automatically with the help of eZee BurrP! modules.
Sushimi Restaurant gives the guests a chance to indulge in Japanese Sushi and preserving the delicate flavor of traditional sushi in Indonesia. The restaurant has now regulated all it's operations and demonstrates the menu digitally by embracing eZee BurrP! integrated with eZee iMenu.

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