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Relish the finest Indo-Pak cuisine with nihari and barbeque in Delhi Nihari Restaurant - a signature restaurant in UAE. Owning multiple outlets in Dubai, the restaurant has chosen eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS to provide quick service to guests and obtain efficiency in daily operations.
Located on the beautiful Caribbean island, Aruba; Bros & Beer Aruba is a craft beer bar serving a line up of premium and unique specialty beers. The bar now easily categorizes its menu items and creates customized menus with the use of eZee eMenu - a digital restaurant menu.
Indulge in the fresh and homemade authentic Italian dessert - gelato at Temptations Ice cream and Coffee in Kenya. The coffee house has recently implemented eZee point-of-sale software to manage menu items consisting of over 40 dessert flavors and remain up-to-date on various reports generated periodically.
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A meeting place for students and localites in Kota, Rajasthan; Social Hub renders a comfortable yet modern touch with both a cafe and restaurant. eZee BurrP! takes care of the establishments' daily operations effortlessly, thus helping it focus the most on improving guest experience.
A fine dining restaurant in Malaysia, Savini Ristorante Italiano allows the guest to experience a modern take on classic Italian dishes accompanied with an extensive wine list. The restaurant has adapted to eZee restaurant management system to offer loyalty and gift cards to the guests and perform real-time tracking of inventory.
Paying attention to tiniest of details of hygiene and perfection, Arroka Berri follows the culinary tradition and serves regional delicacies in Spain. The restaurant offers a one-touch experience to their visitors by allowing them to explore the menu items from their favorite devices.
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A chain of outlets - Humble Burgers serves tasty burgers, fresh salads and sides with decadent desserts and shakes in the streets of Kuwait. The establishment controls the functioning of all its franchises in Kuwait and manages different order types by utilizing eZee BurrP! Point-of-sale software.
Pine Cafe is a small and dainty place situated in the abode for scuba lovers of Male, adept in providing authentic seafood in Maldives. The cafe has recently automated its operations and transitioned from traditional order taking system to eZee's desktop based restaurant management software.
A casual dining restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Swiss House Restaurant is known for offering delicacies ranging from seafood to steak, appetizers to desserts, pasta to sizzlings and much more. The restaurant now displays the menu items using eZee eMenu and administers the rates and visibility of entrees based on the requirements.

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