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Savor the delectable taste of 40+ flavors of air-popped gourmet popcorn in the stores of Let's Popcorn. With franchise stores spread over in 9 countries; the one in Oman manages the extensive menu items by taking up eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS software.
Head over to The American Joint in Mumbai, India that offers a blend of classic American plates immersed with characteristic Indian flavors. They have been using eZee's tablet based digital menu eZee iMenu synced with eZee BurrP! restaurant management software.
The oldest pub in Phuket, Thailand; Molly Malone's Irish Pub is an ideal place for explorers to indulge in live sports broadcasts, live music and pool tables. The establishment opts for eZee BurrP! POS that aids them to perform real-time tracking of inventory without a hitch.
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Take a break from your adventures in Taal, Philippines and enjoy a wholesome meal at Don Juan BBQ House. Serving the best barbecue in town with local specialties, the BBQ house customizes its menu as required and offers high-speed service using eZee POS software with eZee iMenu application.
Set in the walled old town Lagos, Bar-Restaurante Paraiso caters to the needs of voyagers of the Atlantic beaches in Portugal. It now publishes its menu items online through a digital menu instead of a traditional paper menu with the help of eZee eMenu application.
Mumbai Masti Juice Center : a paradise for food-lovers in Dubai platters a variety of refreshing juices, milkshakes and other appetizing entrees. By automating the restaurant management tasks, it has transformed from manual to digitized functioning through eZee point-of-sale software.
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Delicious steaks and more in Steak Out Limited! Located in Nairobi, Kenya; the restaurant offers a collection of steak dishes to its guests. eZee iMenu helps the restaurant to promote the daily specials and that integrated with eZee BurrP!, Steak Out keeps a track on incoming stock and resources.
Pepriconi is a fine-dining restaurant in Male, Maldives. In the city known for its historic mosques and skyscrapers; the restaurant is adept in providing feasts brimming with native Maldivian touch. The restaurant has minimized the efforts of its staff by automating its operations through eZee point-of-sale software.
With Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisines on its menu; O Poeta is a folksy place in Kinshasa, Zaire. Renowned for palatable pizzas and numerous other specialties, the restaurant handles the inventory, manages the stock and keep a check on resources easily by implementing eZee BurrP! Point-of-sale software.

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