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Hotels around the world got equipped with eZee's hotel software

Surrounded by beautiful Caribbean waters, Casa Condado Hotel is an elegantly decorated hostelry with a stunning ambiance in Puerto Rico. Prioritizing in delivering an excellent service in the minimally styled hotel; Casa Condado Hotel has chosen the complete range of cloud based hospitality solutions - eZee Absolute, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix.
Saab Royale Hotel is situated off Mombasa road highway at a strategic location which affords a view of Ngong Hills in Kenya. The hotel offers a sublime time to the guests with a myriad of intercontinental, Swahili and Kenyan dishes in its in-house restaurant. They administer daily operations of hotel and restaurant with the help of eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP!.
In the varied terrain of rainforest, savannah and plateaus, Grand Laguna Beach Condo Hotel comprises of beautiful condos on the pristine beaches of Dominican Republic. An abode for scuba divers, the hotel is yielding maximum productivity in sales from eZee Absolute cloud PMS unified with eZee Reservation booking engine and eZee Centrix channel manager.

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The Magnolias Pattaya is a boutique resort in Thailand providing modernistic luxury to guests through an international cuisine serving restaurant with a medley of bar, spa and other facilities. In the jet-ski hub Pattaya, the resort has recently installed eZee’s desktop PMS integrated with the restaurant POS software to fine-tune the services and Improve guest experience.
Encompassed by a diverse landscape of Andean highlands, Galápagos Islands and Amazon jungle in Ecuador, Hotel Las Gardenias is a classic-contemporary style hotel settled in Ceunca city’s historic center. eZee Reservation booking engine and eZee Centrix channel manager aid the hotel to get unlimited bookings at zero commission and accelerate the distribution of rates and inventory on numerous global channels.
The Alps Resort is situated in the quaint little Himalayan town Dalhousie, the British colonial town set amid the timeless natural beauty of five hills in India. It is nestled within the lush greenery and landscaped garden of the place. The resort offers a comfortable stay with the help of eZee FrontDesk - to quicken the rigorous frontdesk tasks and eZee Centrix - to upsurge channel bookings.

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Villa Indah Ubud has a range of villas burrowed in the authentic beauty of mighty Ayung Valley in Indonesia. Attracting explorers from worldwide, Villa Indah carries Bali’s old style textures at its best. The property has gained control over its direct bookings with the help of eZee Reservation booking engine which seamlessly blends with the website to provide superior booking experience to the guests.
The Cardiff Hotel and Spa - the hidden treasure enclosed by a lush topography lets its guests seek a secluded hideaway among the reef lined beaches in Jamaica. The hotel offers a fusion of Jamaican and international culinary creations in Isabella - the gourmet restaurant. To accelerate the business and efficiently manage the innate restaurant, they have adapted eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! respectively.
Castello Di Vicarello is a castle-turned-hotel offering a stay in the world’s most recognizable Renaissance-era filled region - Tuscany in central Italy. Reliving the history of the region, the castle is a destination for all seasons. The castle has embraced the robust features of eZee’s cloud products with the PMS combined with web booking engine and online channel manager.
Grand Sierra Pines Hotel is a hospice in “Baguio - The City of Pines”, a tourist destination filled with universities and resorts in Northern Philippines. The hotel is enveloped with a cool climate, foggy hills, panoramic views and alluring flowers. The resort now governs the frontdesk as well as its on-site restaurant effortlessly after installing eZee FrontDesk desktop PMS and restaurant POS software.


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