In compliance with the regional requirements

About integration

BTEA Report Interface is integrated with our Hotel PMS, eZee Absolute.

This integration will allow property owners across Bahrain to automatically update their daily business reports on the BTEA portal.

Key Benefits

  • Directly update your property's information on the BTEA portal

  • Upon night audit, the required report is generated and automatically presented to the BTEANo separate accounting is required

  • Simple and easy to use interface


About BTEA Rules, Bahrain 

As per the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA), all properties from the Bahrain region are mandatorily required to submit information like their daily business revenue, booking modes, PAX and more to the BTEA portal.

To make this effortless and easy, we have made our PMS, eZee Absolute compliant with the BTEA Report Interface. Meaning hoteliers and property owners in the Bahrain region can effortlessly update the necessary information on the BTEA portal using our software.

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, just fill the form below. Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you with this integration and make sure you have purchased both of the software in order to avail integration.

This integration is available for the following countries:
  • Bahrain

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