Accept online payments from your guests through payment gateway integration

About integration

EZYWAY payment gateway is integrated with our online hotel management system - eZee Absolute and online Restaurant Management System - eZee Optimus..

This interface enables hotels to accept online payments through debit and credit cards. 

Key Benefits

This interface of EZYWAY payment gateway with eZee Reservation brings the following key benefits to hotels:

  • Ability to accept payments
  • Providing guests fast and secure payment process
  • Guest experience improves
  • Make payment collection convenient and faster
  • Avoid the hassles of bank transfer

Avail this integration by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Purchase the other party involved in this integration besides eZee system

2. Fill in the form on the link below.

3. Once we get your details, our team will contact you to know and understand your requirements and help you with the integration. 


EZYWAY payment gateway is a product by Mobiversa. It is a payment gateway that processes online payments and sends customer information.

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, just fill the form below. Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you with this integration and make sure you have purchased both of the software in order to avail integration.

This integration is available for the following countries:
  • Malaysia

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