Keep track of your hotel's call records without much hassle.

About integration

Siemens PABX call accounting is integrated with PMS system hotel - eZee FrontDesk and eZee Absolute.

This interface helps maintain all the call records automatically in the hotel PMS.

Below are the versions eZee FrontDesk & eZee Absolute integrated with:

Siemens Hi Path 3550, Seimens1190, Siemens Hicom 300 H V1.0, Siemens Hicom 300E ANI Format, Siemens HiPATH 11xx, Siemens HiPATH 3000, Siemens HiPath 3550 SE, Siemens HiPath 3550, Siemens HiPath 35xx MMDDYY, Siemens HiPath 37xx DDMMYY, Siemens HiPath 37xx Deliminated DDMMYY, Siemens HiPath 37xx MMDDYY, Siemens HiPath 4000 CDRE, Siemens HiPath 4000, Siemens iSDX Realitis, Siemens1100, SiemensHiPath3300.

Key Benefits

  • Offer high-quality guests service
  • Internal & external comminication
  • Flexible call routing
  • Providing call monitoring & account information
  • Variable access

About Siemens

Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. In 1908, the company established a Technical Bureau in Singapore as a sales office of the London-based Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works Limited, to search for new business opportunities in the then flourishing British colony. More than 100 years on, Siemens has grown with Singapore, and has helped to develop the Lion City into the modern, economic powerhouse it is today. 

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, just fill the form below. Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you with this integration and make sure you have purchased both of the software in order to avail integration.

This integration is available worldwide.

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