Distribute your availability and rates on these OTAs uniformly using our channel manager

About integration

Keytel is integrated with eZee’s channel manager- eZee Centrix.

It enables hotels to synchronize their real-time inventory distribution and rate updates in the PMS software, hotel website as well as connected channels. 

Key Benefits

  • You sell your rooms with dynamic pricing
  • You can predict your business demands accurately
  • You generate more revenue
  • Gives you accurate business analysis


About Keytel

Exclusive booking platform for travel agents. We have a wide variety of hotel chains in the main destinations worldwide to book your client's travels.

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, just fill the form below. Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you with this integration and make sure you have purchased both of the software in order to avail integration.

This integration is available worldwide.

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