Distribute your availability and rates on these OTAs uniformly using our channel manager

About integration

Atlantis hotel software is integrated with hotel online channel manager - eZee Centrix.

It enables hotel streamlines their operations and handle OTAs through hotel PMS with ease.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines business operations
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic updates
  • Seamless integrations

About Atlantis

Atlantis was founded and developed due to years of experience according to the Israel tourism industry. Atlantis is a local reservation system which is designated to comprise all the solutions for internal management. The booking system foundation is based on dynamic as well as alternate parameters, allowing customizing special settings to local areas according to special requirements (such as VAT difference).

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, just fill the form below. Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you with this integration and make sure you have purchased both of the software in order to avail integration.

This integration is available worldwide.

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