Investment done right

With more than a decade of experience and expertise in our pocket, eZee currently is one of the strongest bootstrap company in India. Providing sound, efficient and innovative services to more than properties all over the world has helped us maintain our financial independence since inception. Additionally, with prudent financial decisions we have been able to grow organically over the years and expand worldwide.

We are open to new investment for global expansion

We are committed to what we do and what we stand for, that is to provide premium products and services to the hospitality industry. Aiming for faster growth and expansion, steady flow of investment is necessary in today's highly competitive market. It is why eZee is always open to new opportunities which aids us to venture into new territories and offer refreshing level of transparency in the investment process.

Not forgetting the key competency

Our success has been the result of diverse set of partnership in the industry. Our investment strategy emphasizes on quality and diversification. More than the capital investment, we always want to expand with the right people who bring in a contrast in terms of experience. Every now and then we do notice investment fads come and go but our investment philosophy which is "investment done right" has stayed the same. eZee is open to investments from versatile business types such as management and consulting firms, IT vendors, software companies, etc.

Managing risk is a key competency for our business, and it is something we have dedicated resources toward for many years. Over the years, we have put back the financial resources into new products and company assets making eZee a self-reliant and debt free company. In fact, our financial strength has been recognized and rated as "Strong" by third-party rating agency Standard & Poor's.

Our core concern will always remain developing and enhancing eZee products and services help our clients to measurably improve their operations. The company develops market-leading technologies including eZee FrontDesk - Property Management System, eZee BurrP! - Restaurant Point-of-Sale, eZee Absolute - Cloud-Based PMS, eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine, eZee Centrix - Channel Management System, eZee iFeedback - Guest Feedback System, eZee iMenu - Digital Tablet Menu, and Appytect - Hotel App Builder.

Today, eZee remains a strong, stable and financially sound company that is well equipped to successfully navigate through various market challenges. We are committed and dedicated to deliver our clients with the most comprehensive set of hospitality IT solutions.

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