Sriman Narayan - Finance and Liaison Officer

Casual personality, filled with dedication at work!

Recalling the initial encounter at eZee, I got a call from eZee, and it was none other than eZee’s Co-founder Hitesh Patel. He asked me if I could work on invoicing and subscriptions. I accepted without any second thought as accounting is my passion.

I’m fortunate to be a part of an innovative team that continuously works on improving relationship building skills and how to be more efficient in tasks. With the years in eZee, I’ve accepted various challenges including developing a good rapport with clients and team members, handling subscriptions and billing management, persuading the team to perform at the optimum level and sharing insights with them. The motivation provided by eZee helped me in overcoming every obstacle came in my way.

Bright future ahead
I see myself in the higher level of the finance department in the coming years with a bright future. eZee propels employee growth with a friendly environment and skyrocketing career graph.

At eZee, I am delighted each day with scheduling, assigning and working on tasks, with the same enthusiasm I had at the time of my first association with eZeeites.

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