Sakina Baghdadi- Content Marketing Executive

To write or not to write, that's the question my friend!

Person: So what is your job about?

Me: I am a content writer

Person: So you write books? Kind of like J.K Rowlings?

*Face Palm*

While J.K. Rowlings is a fabulous writer and I am a big fan myself, work of a content writer is not all about writing about the magical land you build in your head (still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter). The life of a content writer is way more challenging, coming up with great ideas on a regular basis, carving those ideas into words and campaigns.

Here are a few reasons why I love my job

Evolving Profile
I am more than a mere content writer, I edit, I proofread, I interview, I bring eZee to the online world through my word. I truly believe that sometimes I even transform into Batman and sometimes I turn into Godzilla.

Challenging and changing work
One day I will be writing about new product launch, the next day I will be working on a promotional video. This place is challenging, if it's consistency you are looking for than you are looking at the wrong place.

My impact on the company
I feel that the work I do really makes a difference. That makes me want to be proficient not only with language and grammar but also keeps pushing me to constantly evolving and being thorough with the concept, planning and execution in everything I do.

Quench my thirst for an adventure
There is no concept of a writer’s block here. Persistently, I am discovering a new passion for writing amongst other things. I am no J.K Rowlings or Emily Bronte (yet) but I am better than what I was yesterday with a promise of a great future ahead.

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