Pinal Rawal - Developer (under self-managed team)

My career started at eZee...
I’ve joined eZee Technosys as a developer. In the initial years of my career, I had a habit of finishing my work fast. Slowly and steadily, I learned how to be perfect at work. With the growing years, I’ve build-up the skills of managing all the tasks single-handedly that has been appreciated by the management.

Harshdeep has played the role of a great mentor in my career development. He continuously taught me how to remain focused and perfect in every work you do. His guidance has really helped me in professional and personal development. Soon I got selected under the FineTune team which was another achievement for me.

First captionship and won in the race...
I participated in the Hackathon 2018 for the first time and also won it. For this project, I got selected as a captain in my team. Throughout the Hackathon journey, I actively guided all my team members to be focused and enthusiastic in the project.

It helped me in my career development skills as well. Now, I’m able to manage all tasks on my own. In total, 6 employees got selected under the self-managed team and I was one of them - which is really a big achievement for me that I’m now independent to take decisions, implement, and deliver a great output to the company.

Message to newcomers
eZee has a transparent culture, so always work hard and you’ll surely get noticed by the top level of management.

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