Payal Nanavati - Head of Quality Assurance

Software testing proves the existence of bugs… not its absence!

Life before eZee
Prior to eZee, I pursued my career as a visiting lecturer and designer in an IT company.

The day I joined eZee...
Every day I come to the office and face new challenges that are amazing to maximize my professional development. One thing I’ve noticed right from day 1 is - the top management leaders are very humble, down to earth, polite in their words, which gives you positive vibes that you’re at the right place. Throughout my journey, I found them so unbiased and have always given me unlimited opportunities to grow in my field.

Even now, after 6 years in eZee - learning, suggesting, and implementing various strategies are a part of my daily schedule. With ever ready attitude to accept challenges, eZee has made me a complete professional.

The change in my role and so in me...
A few years ago, our Co-founder Vipul Kapoor had given me a task that was really a challenge for me. Well, the task was to communicate with clients to solve their queries. Interacting with a client? I never did that (I was talking to myself in my head while interacting with Vipul sir).

It was a fresh exposure that took the flight with new learning, boosting my communication skills, that made me speak fluently. Each year at eZee has been filled with immense growth, discoveries and experiences.

My First Break
After 3 years of a successful stint as a software tester, I received the first break, a turning point for a position to lead the team. And now, I’m the head of software testing department.

To make the software fully operational without any bugs or defects, we thoroughly do testing before releasing it. And so, we’ve to work minutely on the calculation part in various modules to eliminate discrepancies. Also, while testing any software, we implement selenium automation for better optimization. The agenda behind this implementation is to minimize frequent manual testing needed for each release. And this way before any release our team works precisely following the steps of QA check.

In the coming years...
I see a lot of opportunities in eZee and will be pleased to work on a higher level as and when management wants me to do so. Taking strides ahead and expertise, I want to be a better tester.

Ensuring team tasks are accomplished on or before stipulated deadline, I smartly assist the team members as and when the need arises.

Straight from the horse’s mouth
A promising atmosphere trusted my growth due to an irresistible influence from the founders to perform best. I believe that eZee is in my soul and mind making me a complete professional.

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