Top 5 answers to why eZee is the best place to work in Surat

Life of an eZee-ite

Learning opportunities to push your career to the next level

Our people are our strength and we value their contributions. Regardless if you are sales/support representative, PHP developer or marketing executive, the 360° learning environment will bring you some great opportunities to hone your skills and achieve excellency.
Everyday you will come across new challenges and development opportunities that ensure an up warding career graph.

You will be surrounded by the Team Awesome

At eZee, you will be working with some of the brightest minds in town. The experts here from the management, to head of department to team leaders, all of them are happy to impart their knowledge with you to propel forward.

If its new learnings that you seek, eZee is the place for you.

A leading name in the hospitality solutions industry

As 10+ years of experience really matters, eZee is where technology meets innovation.
Providing world class hospitality solutions to thousands of hospitality businesses across the globe, our standards are no less than excellent. We offer opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly international career along with competitive compensations in par with market standards.

You will have fun- A lot of it!

Work is hard but even soldiers get R&R at battlefield. Thus, we like to celebrate all milestones- big or small, be it company picnics, AGM (Annual General Meeting), Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Christmas or a Channel Partner visit- we celebrate it all.

If you are cricket fanatic like most of us are, we have our very own annual cricket tournament called EPL- eZee Premier League (I bet you are looking forward to that).
From day 1 you are sure to make some great memories.

Adventure, exposure, challenges and all the right encouragement

With branch offices in Goa, Malaysia and Indonesia we also have a vast Channel Partners Network a high number of global clients through which you will get the complete international exposure you thought was not possible sitting in Surat. Additionally, with rotating roles, you will get the adventure of a lifetime that you could have never anticipated. Also you get to experiment with a lot of new technology and stuff- that's fun too.

If you have an out of the box approach and are ready to push your boundaries

We will reward you with the push you are seeking- so much that you won't wait for the weekend.

Come, be a part of something great