Bhavi Mamrawala- Cloud Deployment Engineer

My timid nature can never suppress my love for technology

I have always been a shy and timid person and public speaking petrified me to no extent. That didn’t stop me from having an obsession with technology and that is how I landed in eZee.

The journey so far
I started in 2015 and have been having a superb journey so far. No doubt I have made mistakes, but my mentors/ management never held it against me, instead they have taught me to learn from them.

My team is my family
I love my team at eZee, they supported me when I was stuck somewhere, we have laughed and cried together, they are my best friends and are the reason that I have grown so much since I started here.

The realization of everything
There is one particular incident that I can never forget. My first ever Skype call with a client and he particularly was vexed about some glitch he was facing. He started yelling and it was all downhill from there. He roared and my self-confidence closed all doors, I was sure I was going to lose my job. To my surprise, Vipul Kapoor- CTO and Co-founder of eZee actually defended me, he himself got involved and fixed the situation. That was a changing point for me, I realized that I am truly in a phenomenal place. Since then, I have subsequently accomplished a great deal, I am still nervous about new arenas, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying it anyway.

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