Bhavesh Ramchandani - Key Accounts Manager

Life before eZee
Life before eZee was like summiting a mountain where I failed 100 times to reach the top. However, I didn’t give up and always tried to give my best with extra efforts to enhance the dream of my career.

Everyone wants to be recognized with the work where they put their heart and soul to get all the rewards they deserve. I was no different. While I thought it’ll always remain a dream, I landed up at eZee where I learned how to handle all the responsibilities on my own that helped me grow professionally and personally.

It is a company where your work will not only get appreciated, but it’ll also provide you with multiple challenging and exciting paths to develop your career so that you’ll be able to move ahead all independently.

Life at eZee is easy going, and you’ll surely enjoy your work with the best atmosphere that eZee Technosys provides to their employees.

Your role in the company?
Currently, my designation in the company is of a Key Account Manager. I look into the key accounts to provide the best quality support experience to our customers. And I’m sure that my role in eZee is not restricted here. I still have a long way to go...

However, my journey to reach this level was not easy. When I joined as a Cloud Deployment Engineer, the company conducted a training session where I learned all about this industry. Along with that, I’ve also learned how to deal with different types of customers (both national and international clients). There are some good qualities that I grasped not only from seniors but from new joiners as well.

The biggest challenge you faced and overcame at eZee?
When I went to the Maldives for the training and implementation of Nextgen products and restaurant software. A month before leaving, I started preparing myself like; testing in demo accounts with the help of the Nextgen team, who were always there to answer even my silly questions. This support really helped me to answer all hospitality related questions to international staff during the training.

It was not only the golden opportunity for me but a source that boosted my self-confidence which is important in your career. I’m blessed that I got a good exposure to deal with international clients that ultimately helped in raising my career graph drastically.

Your most memorable day at eZee?
When I was given an opportunity for Maldives onsite support at our partner’s place. It was like a dream come true and felt deserving for that responsibility. Also, during the stay at Maldives, I got a video call from my team members and department head where they announced me a winner for one competition held in office and congratulated with a Candy and chocolates :)

What do you want to say to all newcomers who joined eZee?
eZee is a kind of company that - if we consult anyone from our team no one refuses to help you. I would just like to share that focus on your input which would surely come out with an unexpected positive outcome.

Keep getting the answer to WHY which would help you to understand your job and make you expert that will take you to the next level.


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