Logo Guidelines

The elements of our brand's visual identity

Authorized Reseller

This fundamental eZee authorized reseller logo is to be used only by our eZee team to communicate to the reseller community as shown below.
You can use this logo while sending emails from eZee to reseller; presentations from eZee to reseller; whenever eZee sponsors a reseller event or activity.

eZee Authorized Reseller Logo
eZee Authorized Reseller Horizontal Logo

Connectivity Partner

The authorized connectivity partner logo of eZee is a shown below. This fundamental eZee Connectivity Partner logo that is to be used only by eZee teams to communicate to the Partner community.
They can use this logo for instances like- while sending emails from eZee to partners; presentations from eZee to partners; whenever eZee sponsors a partners event or activity

eZee Connectivity Partner Logo
eZee Connectivity Partner Horizontal Logo


Typography is the style and appearance of any printed content. Typography is an important aspect of our brand identity. The examples of different typography or the font style of all the text usage are as mentioned below. You can refer and use these font styles to ensure that all of our communications appear consistently.
Generally, we use the fonts of Roboto & Open Sans font family which are free to use.


You can get the download link from here - Download

Roboto Light - ABCDEabcde 1234567890
Open Sans Regular - ABCDEabcde 1234567890
Roboto Semi-bold - ABCDEabcde 1234567890
Roboto Bold - ABCDEabcde 1234567890
Roboto Extra-bold - ABCDEabcde 1234567890